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When should I book?

For weddings I recommend at least three months before the date of your event.  April-June and September-November weekends book the quickest and can often start filling up even 6 months out.  While there is a chance I will have availability to book after the date of your event, the chance is very small.  It is very important to book before your event date to ensure the best chance of open availability. For memorial pieces please reach out as soon as you know you are interested. I do save space for memorial pieces but don't always have availability for that week. I do offer to provide drying instructions for you to dry the flowers and get on my list to pour at a later time.

Will my flowers look the same as they did the day of my event?

Most likely, no.  I do my absolute best to dry them in a way to save their shape and color, however, we are ultimately trying to keep a dead flower looking as if it were still fresh and alive.  There will be changes in shape and color that are unavoidable.  A guide will be sent discussing possible changes when you inquire to book.

Does resin yellow overtime?

Yes.  All resin will yellow eventually no matter what brand or what artist.  There are many factors that go into yellowing but the aim is to always prevent it from happening for years and years and years.  More information on this will also be sent in the guide upon inquiry.

How long does the process take?

I contract for an estimated 10+ months but that is an estimated goal time. I do not give hard deadlines for projects and they can extend past that 10 month estimate. It depends on how large your order is, what mold you selected, resin and supply shortages, life events for myself, etc. I do my best to keep everyone updated and informed on where their project is but please be aware that this is a lengthy process.

Do I have to order a block or can I just get add-ons?

For fresh wedding orders I do require minimum of a main block or tray. Wedding orders may also be only jewelry pieces.

If you are wanting to order just add-ons or jewelry with add-ons from your wedding bouquet you do have the option of drying the flowers yourself.

For pre-dried, memorial, or other occasion flowers I do not have an order minimum.